Jude the even moreso

Jude the even moreso


Book one in the series, 'Polly on the Mopstick', is Joseph's story. He was eight years old in 1881. In 1951, at the age of 78, when the paperback cover photographs were taken, he may possibly have been the last remaining member of the Oxfordshire branch of the Kerwood family alive in 1881. He is pictured on the front cover of the paperback edition with his wife, Eliza. His attire speaks volumes apropos his arduous lifestyle. On the reverse cover joining them in a family group is their youngest son, William, along with their eldest, John, standing behind their youngest daughter, Doris. Front and centre is eight-year-old Michael, William and Beatrice's only child and Joseph & Eliza's only grandchild. Book two in the series, 'Doris and the possing-tub', is Eliza's recollection of events and it reflects her life from a young rag-a-muffin right up until she is a beautiful woman of twenty. Eliza is on the front cover, and her mother, Alice Hood, on the reverse. It is again a tale of the struggle of hardship and sorrow that the Kerwood families endured. The ongoing battle to stay in paid work was ever present. Eliza's story starts in 1881 at the age of six, and as with Joseph's narrative takes place in and around the villages of Chesterton, Bletchingdon and Binsey in the county of Oxfordshire, United Kingdom, and the village of Northfield, Birmingham in the county of Warwickshire during a few days in April 1954. Book three in the series, 'Jude, the even moreso', is Michael's story. He takes up the saga in 1954 when he is eleven years old. He has to thank his school headmaster's son for saving his life through a truly remarkable happenstance. Michael didn't know it at the time and, regrettably, he never had the chance to thank him when he finally realised how Mr. Sage Jr. had been involved.

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